Visible Cities, 2015

Where can one flee, where find refuge? Space is nothing but a "horrible out­side-inside".
G. Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

The protests of 2009 against Iran’s government were mainly documented and leaked into social-media through smartphones. This made Tehran even more sensitive over recording or taking pictures on the streets. Privacy became a matter of extreme importance. What was happening in today’s clandestine Tehran? It seemed that there was no other way to unveil the city’s enigma than visiting it.

During twelve days, Cristina Moreno recorded with her video camera and used every possible digital device in order to store the maximum of her experience. She wrote a diary and collected some meaningful objects during the trip. Nevertheless, it was hard to capturing the real underground without forcing the naturalness of the moment.

Visible Cities is a speculation, an inconclusive presentation of trip to Tehran. An experiment about evocative resonances of lived objects and the emotionless memories in digital material. In this journey through fading remembrances, her perception was absolutely transformed and subverted. Photography and video ended up as the utter substitute of the experience itself; while her diary and collected objects remained undiluted and free of manipulation. These pieces generate a shortcut to her experience, more sincere and less true than the real images.


Visible Cities, 2015 
HDV, 19:21 Min, Color, Stereo, Videostill